Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Money Matters for Kids!

  • 2

    Meet Our Money Mascot!

    • Meet Lampy!

  • 3

    What Exactly Is Money?

    • What Exactly is Money?

  • 4

    How Do We Earn Money?

    • How Do We Get or Earn Money?

  • 5

    The Definition of Earning & Ways of Earning Money

    • The Definition of Earning & Ways of Earning Money

  • 6

    The Definition of Spending & A Spending Scenario

    • The Definition of Spending & A Shopping Spree

  • 7

    Budgeting for Kids

    • Budgeting for Kids

  • 8

    Let's Recap!

    • Let's Recap!

  • 9

    Bonus Activities!

    • Bonus Activities!

    • Your Feedback Matters!

Bonus material

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  • Talking Points

    Simple guidance for you on each Money Matter to help you get the conversation started with your child.

  • Colouring Pages

    Downloadable lesson pages for your child to colour as they learn about each Money Matter covered in this course!

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Lampy Testimonials

See what other parents are saying

Tammy Nelson

"My daughter loves the easy to understand illustrations and concepts in the book and do so I. Lampy the Lighthouse is awesome! One of a kind."

Yaisa Peter

"A great tool to inform kids about money, earning and spending in a fun, interactive and creative format."

Tim Watson

"What a great resource for teaching kids about managing money! Illustrations are well done and the kids loved it.